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2023 – not a vintage year but a year full of lessons nonetheless!

Time flies when you’re having fun…right? Or maybe it’s just that, as you get older, the years go by quicker. Reflecting on it, 2023 has passed by very quickly and, whilst there have definitely been positives to take from it, I can’t say it’s been a year of fun. From a business perspective, Dremur Ltd completed its 3rd year which is a HUGE positive of course. 2 months into the

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Cold calling is NOT dead….yet.

The argument rages on in the sales world but maybe the time when ‘cold calling’ is dead isn’t that far off. For the purposes of this blog, the definition of ‘cold calling’ is using the telephone to call strangers without a pre-arranged appointment and initiating a sales conversation with the ultimate aim of that stranger becoming a customer of yours. Since 1998 when I got my 1st sales job booking

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1096 days and counting

That’s right, Dremur Ltd has finished a 3rd financial year! The results are in and the accountants need to tidy it all up but, as you’d expect, I have a pretty good idea as to what they will show. At a quick glance, our revenues have dropped compared to FY2, our overheads have increased and therefore our net profitability has dropped. You might read that and wonder if the doors

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How the recent discovery of 5000 new species in the depths of the Pacific Ocean is similar to the journey of creating a pipeline of potential new clients.

In a recent expedition commissioned ahead of some potential deep-sea mining, scientists discovered 5,000 new marine species in the Pacific Ocean and, of course, this blog has found a way to link it to some valuable lessons for entrepreneurs and business owners who need to grow their businesses by cultivating a steady stream of ideal clients. Much like the uncharted territories of the ocean, exploring untapped markets & discovering new

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