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Bouncebackability – have you got it?

A noun supposedly coined by a professional football manager in 2004 but, according to the Wiki bible, it was apparently 1st uttered way back in 1972. The ability to bounce back or recover from bad circumstances Life, at home and at work, is never plain sailing and problem free. Don’t buy into the BS hype you may see on social media – EVERYONE has issues to overcome and, more often

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Dremur welcomes the 1st dreamers to the team!

November 2022 – a notable month in what I hope will be a long history for this company. Up until last month, I had been flying solo since Dremur’s inception in 2020. From the off, it has always been my intent to grow the business so that it 1) isn’t just me, 2) it can achieve results without me and 3) it provides employment…that vision is starting to really take

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How being the best at your job can actually damage your career

You’re great at what you do and now you want a promotion. Trouble is you only went and inadvertently made yourself irreplaceable thinking that was a smart move but guess what….. You’re IRREPLACEABLE! It’s not just a fancy term to let everyone else know you’re amazing – it’s actually your reality and, ironically, can be a living nightmare. You are so good at your job and no-one else can do

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Recruiting is a time consuming process which, if not done correctly, can be a waste of everyone’s time, energy and money so….get it right!

Ok, so you need to hire a new sales recruit (or more)….good for you! Do you have a job specification for the role? If not, how are you going to know what you’re looking for?! If you do have one, is it something that the general public could easily understand? Can you find common traits amongst your previous best recruits, high performing colleagues (past and present) or others who you

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