Outsourced sales to accelerate the growth of your business without the risk of building your own sales department

Outsourced Sales

Businesses have always depended on Sales in order to survive and thrive but, for a variety of valid reasons, not all businesses have their own sales staff who can achieve results for them.

As the ambitious owner of your B2B business, are you concerned about how your business will achieve the right sales results to support your plans for growth?

We work with B2B businesses to deliver sales results for your business and you’ll only pay us for results – not for the time we take to achieve them! If, and it’s unlikely to happen, we don’t achieve any results for you then you don’t pay us….it’s very simple.

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"Owain was recommended to me by a colleague as someone with a wealth of experience and tons of valuable connections. We had an initial meeting with him and were blown away by both his professionalism and enthusiasm. Dremur have introduced us to exactly the types of business we asked for, many of whom have gone on to place business with us and become valued partners. It's been an absolute pleasure working alongside Owain and his team, and I am delighted to recommend his services."

Rod O'Brien

Sales Director, Byond Group


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