Why work with Dremur?

“I would highly recommend anyone looking to work with Owain as he can be a great asset to any business and a pleasure to deal with.”

Like you, we are results driven and we understand that, for us to win, you absolutely have to and there cannot be any doubt about it.

If you choose to work with us, you will immediately be enthused by our passion and, in the beginning, our focus will be to understand which approach suits your personality and character best so that, together, we can achieve the results we crave and, ultimately, embed a new culture of consistent high achieving.

Prior to setting up Dremur, our founder, Owain achieved a lot of success for himself and for others in B2B sales which, if you need him to, he’ll be happy to talk with you about in more detail. Not to boast but to give you confidence that he has experienced many lessons from a successful B2B sales career as an individual salesperson and also as a leader of teams. His aim now is that you can take from him what you need to ensure you achieve success too.

Please read the testimonials on his LinkedIn profile, Google reviews, Video testimonials and please ask him for referrals because we want you to be absolutely certain that we can help you reach the top before we get started.

“Owain you are an example of the advice you share. You help people achieve and be their best selves hands down"

“Owain is a true moulder of men, a leader leading from the front always and a truly great man.”

“Owain is extremely knowledgeable, honest and professional. Always willing to answer questions and in a timely manner, which is invaluable! Cannot rate him highly enough and I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

“His work ethic and ability to navigate to the correct solutions is strong, he is a good laugh too!”


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