Sales coaching is effective for individuals and groups who typically need short term support

Sales Coaching

At Dremur we know that sales coaching is most effective at helping to sift through the noise in our heads. It helps to dig out the answers that already exist in there, but may have been struggling to find them. We coach individuals and groups who typically need short term support (1-12mths) to improve their sales performance in a specific field resulting in a measurable outcome.

Using tactful and probing questioning, we will help identify specific objectives and choose the right actions to overcome challenges. Acting as a sounding board for ideas and concepts to provide detailed and unbiased feedback, we enable our clients to formulate conclusions about the best choices for them and the business.

If you would like to learn more about our tailored sales coaching service please contact us below.

“I reached out to Owain when I saw a LinkedIn post about sales training. Having just started in a new role in a new company, I was keen to find help to adapt to my new environment as quickly as possible. Owain is an extremely personable, intelligent man with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Owain not only helped me confirm some of the current techniques that I was using but also had a huge range of actionable suggestions which have helped me massively in my day to day role as an SDR. I can't thank Owain enough and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to excel in their sales career.”

Thomas Fenyes

Sales Development Representative, Applaud


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