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How to SELL your football club to sponsors

The sales techniques that grassroots football clubs can use to sell themselves to potential sponsors – discussion with Tobrise from the Amateur Footballer Channel.

5 Proven ways CI can help you as a sales leader

Using Conversational Intelligence significantly improved me as a Sales leader – this recording details exactly how.

A Guide to Cold Call Coaching for Sales Leaders

Stuart Taylor, Sales Director of Allego runs through a couple of real cold calls to discuss how to coach them with Owain

Sales leadership and the personal connection

Sales leadership and the personal connection

Episode 2, Season 2 of the Leading with integrity Podcast, hosted by David Hatch.
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How do you really target business with Owain Williams

From finding the target criteria, to your approach and your third party credibility, find out how to grab business with Owain.

A chat with Owain Williams: B2B Sales Success

Event by Dayle Rodriguez