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Cold calling is NOT dead….yet.

The argument rages on in the sales world but maybe the time when ‘cold calling’ is dead isn’t that far off. For the purposes of this blog, the definition of ‘cold calling’ is using the telephone to call strangers without a pre-arranged appointment and initiating a sales conversation with the ultimate aim of that stranger becoming a customer of yours. Since 1998 when I got my 1st sales job booking

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So what’s this ChatGPT all about and how can I use it in sales?

Those who do sales are constantly on the lookout for ways to make their outreach more effective. Unless you live on the moon, you would’ve seen a lot of info about ChatGPT, a powerful AI language model that can help generate personalised messages and engage with prospects in a more meaningful way. This blog explores how best to use ChatGPT in sales outreach specifically in the UK. Research your prospectsBefore

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