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Dremur understands this and works with YOU to improve sales results and achieve greatness. We listen carefully to what your goals are, understand what the reality is right now and then working with YOU to find the right solutions to achieve YOUR goals.

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About Dremur

Dremur (pronounced ‘dreamer’) is a portmanteau of Dragon and Lemur, symbols representing our founder, Owain’s father who was Welsh and his mother who was from Madagascar. The name came to Owain when he wrote a poem as a present for their 25th wedding anniversary but it had no formal application until he decided to form a specialist sales agency.

Dremur represents those who dream but, crucially, take action to transform those dreams into a new reality and has three core values:
Passion, Commitment and Excellence.

Dremur is passionate about sales and helping our clients to improve sales results. We are committed to supporting our clients to achieve consistently amazing results. We promote and strive for excellence in everything we do – ‘good enough’ is never good enough, right?

About me and my passion to improve sales results

Owain Williams, Founder of Dremur Ltd in 2020

I have worked in B2B sales since 2004 when I joined one of the UK’s largest independent Distributors of IT products. After starting as a Junior Account Manager, I was promoted to New Business Manager after two years, General Sales Manager after another two years and, a little before my 28th birthday, I was invited to join the Board of Directors in 2010 to be the Sales Director – a position I held for 10 years until my resignation in 2020.

As a leader, I have helped grow, mentor and support several high performing sales teams which has given me invaluable experience of how to get the best from staff and enable companies to achieve their strategic objectives. Of course, it was not all plain sailing and I’ve learned some good – but hard – lessons from mistakes I’ve made in real-life business situations. One of the main reasons for creating Dremur is to now guide you to success whilst avoiding costly errors!

Inspiring others to achieve success

I was born in Paris to a Welsh Father and a Malagasy Mother. Maybe not the first pairing of that kind but I would hazard a good guess that, throughout time, it’s a rarity for a Welshman to be married to a Malagasy woman. We lived in France until 1986 before relocating to Kent where I stayed until I flew the coop in 2001 as, having finished college, and with no intention of going to University, my Mother was particularly keen to get me out of the home to start living an independent life. This led to a chapter of my life that was fundamental in shaping the adult I am today. From a young age, my Father always encouraged me to think of myself as a shepherd and not a sheep. So, as a natural leader of people, it means I can inspire others to achieve their versions of success.

I’ve been married since 2011 and am a father to three beautiful sons. With dogs, cats, ducks & chickens too, life at home is rarely quiet! I enjoy cooking and am an avid football fan – Man Utd being my team.

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