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Dremur welcomes the 1st dreamers to the team!

November 2022 – a notable month in what I hope will be a long history for this company. Up until last month, I had been flying solo since Dremur’s inception in 2020. From the off, it has always been my intent to grow the business so that it 1) isn’t just me, 2) it can achieve results without me and 3) it provides employment…that vision is starting to really take

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Your business doesn’t exist without sales so why isn’t getting it right your absolute priority?

“There is nothing more important to any business than sales. Without a sale, nothing else matters.”Billy Holmes, 1970 That is one of many quotes that you won’t struggle to find which iterates the point. Worldwide – a ridiculously high % of new businesses fail within 2yrs and this has been the case for decades worth of research but why?! Do a search online and you won’t struggle to find lots

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