Dremur welcomes the 1st dreamers to the team!

November 2022 – a notable month in what I hope will be a long history for this company.

Up until last month, I had been flying solo since Dremur’s inception in 2020. From the off, it has always been my intent to grow the business so that it 1) isn’t just me, 2) it can achieve results without me and 3) it provides employment…that vision is starting to really take shape and I can’t lie…it’s really exciting!

So, without further ado, let me introduce to you….the one and only Billy Shears. Oh no, wait – that’s not right (2 free fully qualified leads for the 1st person to email me with what song that’s from). Starting again, I am really pleased and proud to tell the World that Rob Lindley and Josh Hall are employees #2 and 3 respectively! Our website will be updated in the New Year to include a ‘Meet The Team’ so I won’t spoil the surprise by sharing their stories on this blog. Needless to say though, it’s a very significant milestone in the history of Dremur.

With these new signings, Dremur can now really push on with delivering our Outsourced Sales offering. Again, the updated website will provide clear detail on what this means, who it’s best suited for, answers to relevant questions and a detailed explanation of the processes that we’ll follow to achieve results.

I know, through the work I’ve done with clients, that recruiting experienced and quality salespeople is a very difficult challenge and, more often than not, I’ve watched it be a long term failure of a strategy. As such, and budget cemented the decision in my mind, I was intent from the beginning to recruit raw and inexperienced potential talent with the view to help develop them into the best versions of themselves that they can be. It’s a very long play strategy so, for those thinking along the same lines, be sure that you’ve got the stamina, patience, runway and, most importantly, the time to give the rookies that love and attention they need in order to develop and flourish. Should that be the case, you’ll hopefully build a team of diamonds fiercly loyal to the person who helped polish them!

Employing staff is equal measures of elation, chaos and worry. For me, I know I need the right people in the business to help it grow and I also fully accept that I am now also responsible for other’s livelihoods. I’m a natural leader and have been since my teens; I thrive off it, I’m good at it and, especially as I’ve grown older, I understand the aspect that putting their needs ahead of mine ironically is the primary way to achieve my personal ambitions!

It’s still very early days but both have made promising starts and, unless they’ve completely fooled me, both seem very invested in building a company together and neither are phased by it being a very small and intimate team…for now.

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