2023 – not a vintage year but a year full of lessons nonetheless!

Time flies when you’re having fun…right?

Or maybe it’s just that, as you get older, the years go by quicker.

Reflecting on it, 2023 has passed by very quickly and, whilst there have definitely been positives to take from it, I can’t say it’s been a year of fun.

From a business perspective, Dremur Ltd completed its 3rd year which is a HUGE positive of course. 2 months into the calendar year, we launched our outsourced sales offering starting with 2 campaigns to work on and we finish 2023 working on 7 outbound campaigns.

Results? Not where we had forecasted to be at. We’re not massively off however, in sales, it doesn’t matter whether you’re close to hitting a target or a million miles away – a target is either met or it isn’t. Fact!

Thankfully, because of our commercials, the clients who we’ve not yet achieved results for have lost nothing but time. It’s taking longer than anticipated to achieve results for some of them however we remain focused on nurturing the right opportunities for them all and will only connect them for introductory meetings when we know the time and level of interest is right.

The launch of our outsourced sales offering was mainly as a result of hiring our 1st employees; as both were novices to sales, it wasn’t appropriate for them to provide consultancy services so generating new business enquiries was a more logical strategy. 1 of those employees is still with Dremur and the other left in October. Their departure, whilst completely amicable, was obviously a blow to the progress Dremur had been making and we had 2mths of having to manage 7 campaigns with 2 employees (1 of which being myself) – not easy at all!

Saying goodbye to an employee is never an easy process and, upon reflection, I know the mistakes I made that contributed to the outcome…painful lessons learned! I remain committed to giving opportunities to school leavers however one lesson I learned is that the company needs to be bigger (in terms of personnel numbers) to be able to properly support an absolute rookie.

Plans for 2024? Well, as of last month, we’re back to a team of 3 and hopefully will be a team of 4 by mid-Jan. The doors remain perpetually open for any other potential new dreamers who can help us in our mission – check out our careers page and get in touch if you’re interested in joining a growing team.

Unless any of our existing clients choose to stop working with us, our primary focus is on delivering consistent results for them so as to help each of them grow their own businesses. Once that’s achieved, we can kick on and open the doors to more new clients who, as is the way, should logically benefit quicker based on us applying the lessons we’ve learned in our 1st year of offering outsourced sales services.

Thanks to our clients for choosing to work with us, thanks to the potentials who have started conversations with us, thanks to our key providers (Brandspace, Malcolm Hackett, Prospect Safari, Jim Gorrie, Marble Financial and Multiply Accountancy), thanks to everyone in my network who supports what we’re doing and, above all, thanks to the team (present and ex) for your efforts – this quote is very apt:

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

our mission statement remains true:

“Achieving growth for our clients because our lives depend on it”

and all that’s left for me to write is…..a very Merry Christmas to all (for those who don’t celebrate it, I still pass on best wishes) and Happy New Year celebrations.