My 1st year as a Dremur

Back in the summer of 2022, I saw a post that Owain shared on Facebook highlighting the benefits of a career in sales.

The post really caught my eye as I have always had an interest in exploring opportunities in sales but had very limited knowledge of the industry. Fast approaching my 40s with no sales experience, a background in the building industry and 12 year’s in the Fire & Rescue service, I never had the confidence to make this anything more than a silent interest. Looking back, this was down to self-doubt, the fear of failure and the thought of being judged by people around me who would tell me I was not made to sit behind a desk (I have a lot of energy).

Having known Owain for many years but losing touch due the madness of adulthood, I commented on his post in the hope we could catch up and go over a few old footie stories and I could pick his brains about his career in sales.

Owain and I met for coffee, and we picked up where we left off. After reminiscing about our late teens/early twenties and a few embarrassing stories, we moved on to work. Owain quizzed me about my career in the Fire service and we spoke in detail about what makes a good firefighter; effective communication skills, organisation, diligence and, most importantly, knowing how to talk and interact with people on a number of levels. All things that benefit someone looking to work and succeed in sales.

Owain could see my interest and that coffee led to me doing a week’s trial in the DREMUR office. The first time I had sat behind a desk since I was sixteen, the first time I had seen multiple computer screens and, at that point, a CRM might well have been an alien as I had no idea what all these acronyms meant!

If we fast forward and look back at my first year in sales with Dremur, that week’s trial seems like a distant memory. I would be lying if I said it was easy – the first few months of cold calling were difficult. I was nervous picking up the phone, tongue tied on many occasions and often totally lost the ability to talk mid-conversation.

Fortunately, Owain had warned me about these awkward moments and it was soon evident that Owain had a passion not only for sales but also for teaching. He helped me discover what worked for me, how I best interacted with people, he removed the salesy approach and encouraged me to be myself. Nothing was too much and the support I received and continue to receive today has really shaped my approach to sales and DREMUR.

On reflection, if these first few months were spent working for another company and not with Owain, I do not think I would have seen the year out. As a boss and business owner, leadership comes naturally to him. He has a great vision for DREMUR and knows what he wants from the business. His patience and consistent positivity only encourages me and the other employees to do well, not only for the business but for Owain as he has a way of getting the best out of everyone.

One year down and still lots to learn, DREMUR is growing fast (as are we) and I am looking forward to being part of the company’s future.