The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.

Supposedly a Chinese proverb to make the point that, instead of regretting not having done something previously, we can always start doing it at anytime in life.

Well reader, if you know what Dremur does and that I’m a career salesperson, it won’t surprise you that I can apply this quote to working in sales!

Specifically to new business development and building a process that continually helps you and your business find and take on new clients.

The majority of businesses NEED new clients to achieve their ambitions to grow if not just to replace the business they were getting from other clients who, for any number of reasons, stop buying.

Some businesses have a great culture for new business and well ingrained processes that deliver a constant flow of new enquiries from potential clients.

Some businesses ride the feast/famine rollercoaster; when business is quiet, they have the time to focus on prospecting for new business. After a while, they get a few enquiries, close some deals and then, because they need to deliver on the work, they stop prospecting. Once their schedule frees up again, they start prospecting again and may have to wait some time before they close some deals.

Some businesses rely on referrals which are great when they come in but very unreliable as a predictable means of developing new business.

Some businesses outsource this function to the likes of Dremur because they have no desire/skills to do it themselves.

What’s important is that every business which needs new clients is proactive in finding a way to find potential clients, engage with them and then nurture them until they either become a new client or not. All of this takes time and commitment though. Results won’t happen instantly but it doesn’t matter if you haven’t yet started to do that as every.single.day is an opportunity to get started!

Sow your seeds today to enjoy the fruits at a later time.