Bouncebackability – have you got it?

A noun supposedly coined by a professional football manager in 2004 but, according to the Wiki bible, it was apparently 1st uttered way back in 1972.

The ability to bounce back or recover from bad circumstances

Life, at home and at work, is never plain sailing and problem free. Don’t buy into the BS hype you may see on social media – EVERYONE has issues to overcome and, more often than not, those who constantly present as everything being fantastic are actually hiding the biggest problems.

As a Father to an autistic son, I fully appreciate it’s not just a simple case of ‘getting on with it’ or just ‘dealing with it’ as, for plenty of people, they are just unable to successfully navigate hurdles in life because of their genetic make up. For everyone else, being able to overcome a challenge is a mainly a case of having the right attitude, determination, confidence, humility and perseverance to push through the fog and exit into clear sky.

Easy for me to write I know – far less easier to actually do!

I don’t know for absolute certain but I’m confident in writing that the ability to overcome difficulties and still make progress is a defining one for those who achieve ‘success’. I quote ‘success’ because it’s subjective and certainly
does not solely reflect fame and fortune. Whatever ‘success’ looks like to you as an individual, you can be pretty certain that you will encounter barriers on your journey towards it so what will you do?

At the 1st hint of difficulty, will you call it a day and stop pursuing your goal? Or will you take the time to work out how to overcome it and then get on with doing so?

Given I’m a career salesperson, it’s natural that I’ll tie this blog into working in sales.

Salespeople face barriers every.single.day and, if you’re the type of person who baulks at overcoming hurdles, sales ain’t the job for you!

We have doors (literal and physical) shut in our faces every day.
We have days where nothing goes in our favour.
We have days where what worked yesterday completely flops another day.

If you’re prone to it, sales is a very stressful job and the rollercoaster can be thrilling one moment but very dark the next.

However, having bouncebackability is absolute crucial to enjoying long term success in sales.

Didn’t get the deal you’ve been working on? Move onto the next one
Been told ‘no’ 10 times in a row? You’re getting closer to a ‘yes’
Had a meeting cancel on you? Go and book another
Missed your target? Bounce back and smash it next month
The sector you’re working in has been affected by external circumstances? Go find another sector that hasn’t

Ultimately, to achieve ‘success’ in sales (and, arguably, most other paths in life) you’ll need bouncebackability and not just as a one off. Don’t allow setbacks to….set you back as you’ll struggle to ever make progress.

As a qualified executive coach and long time sales leader, I know very well what challenges salespeople face. Whenever you do face a hurdle, remember you’re not alone and, if you need help in overcoming your challenges, get in touch for a confidential chat.