1096 days and counting

That’s right, Dremur Ltd has finished a 3rd financial year!

The results are in and the accountants need to tidy it all up but, as you’d expect, I have a pretty good idea as to what they will show.

At a quick glance, our revenues have dropped compared to FY2, our overheads have increased and therefore our net profitability has dropped. You might read that and wonder if the doors at Dremur HQ will be shutting soon because that clearly isn’t a sustainable business model?!

Well, it’s certainly a valid question and one I cannot make absolute guarantees about.

However, the results are within expectations as FY3 was the year where Dremur stopped being just about one person and became an employer! Having to be prudent with the budget for recruiting, I chose to take on an apprentice for who this is his 1st job ever. Having recruited apprentices and beginners to work before, I knew that it would be a long play and, so far, that is proving the case. Alongside an apprentice, I was lucky to be reacquainted with a friend from the past who was looking for some part time work to supplement their income. Whilst still a relative rookie to the world of sales, his other life experience has meant that he’s not needed as much support as the apprentice but, ultimately, employing beginners has resulted in, hopefully, a short-term dip in revenues and profitability with the strategic aim being that investment is recouped in FY4!

It’s always been part of the business plan to employ staff however what wasn’t cemented in place was what they’d actually be doing for the business. There’s a shortlist of offerings (all of which are part of the longer term plans) and the decision to initially focus on our qualified prospect meeting service was made after both had accepted the offer to come aboard.

We end our 3rd year with ample opportunities to work on thanks to the customers who have chosen to use us to help grow their businesses. Opportunities to achieve results is great but, for everyone involved, none of it really means anything until we start to consistently achieve results and that is the sole focus for Dremur in the coming 12mths.

Passion, commitment and excellence – our values as a business upheld by all who work in it.

We are only working with people and businesses who are passionate about what they offer and we can be passionate about working with them.

Once we agree to work with a client, they can be assured that we are committed to achieving results and constantly assessing our processes so we can refine how we achieve results.

We are excellent in some areas and falling short in others. Maybe that might always be the case but those who work at/with Dremur know that we strive to be excellent in everything we do at all times.

Setting up a business is hard and growing it is even harder. We are some way off achieving the vision of ‘success’ but we’re on the path and I remain grateful to those on the path with me, the customers who recognise we’re still building and those who support me and Dremur. We exist because of you all and we exist for….

‘Achieving results for our clients because our lives depend on it’