Sales mentoring to make better-informed decisions for achieving goals and overcoming challenges

Sales Mentoring

Our sales mentoring is most suitable for the development of the mentee(s) over a longer period in comparison to coaching. Mentees already have skills in the required field and sales mentoring helps develop those.

We work with individuals or teams to provide unambiguous and unbiased answers to their questions. This enables them to make better-informed decisions about the best choices for achieving goals and overcoming challenges. We can formulate personal development plans which will provide a clear structure for developing individuals resulting in improved results for them and the business.

If you would like to learn more about our personal development plans for sales mentoring please contact us below.

“Owain was my Sales Director for over 6 years @ TCO and there was not a day in those years where he did not lead by example. Bundles of integrity, and an absolute man of his word, it was his leadership and sales mentoring that were a key factor in my own personal development. Always there if you needed him, he had a natural knack of balancing his position of authority with a calming presence on the floor and it is this wide array of skillsets that make me certain he will add both personal and professional value to anyone who is lucky enough to cross his path!”

Harry Collier

European Business Director, The Change Organisation Ltd


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