Within 'Outsourced Sales', Dremur offers 4 different services which are required in different situations. Have a read and, if you recognise any as being relevant to you, keep reading!

Qualified Prospect generation

Who needs this? Businesses who need to achieve growth but don’t have the internal resources to spend time building a pipeline of potential clients

How can Dremur help? By building a database of leads and engaging with them to quickly disqualify out and continue working on the qualified leads until they’re ready and interested in being connected with you for an introductory meeting

What will it cost? We don’t operate on a retainer model – you only pay us for the results and not the time it takes us to achieve them. In the unlikely scenario we don’t achieve any results for you then…you have nothing to pay us! You pay us a fee upon successful completion of a meeting with a fully qualified prospect + commission on sales made to the prospect once they become a client. This proves to you that we have a vested interest in only booking the right meetings for you with the right potential clients.

Lead generation

Who needs this? Businesses who can handle sales engagement themselves – they just need a database to get started on

How can Dremur help? By providing a database of potential customers who meet pre-defined criteria. 

What will it cost? £1000 per 100 records with a confirmation that the data is no older than 6mths from the point of submitting it back to you. Our typical timeframe for getting 100 records done will be 2wks. This is the specific data we will obtain – additional data is priced depending on the complexity:

  • Full name 
  • Name of employer 
  • Industry that employer works in 
  • Job role 
  • Email address 
  • Phone number (can be the main number, a DD or mobile) 

Database cleansing & updating

Who needs this? Businesses who have a database (which was last reviewed 6mths ago or longer) and they need the data checking to make sure all information is current and correct 

How can Dremur can help? By verifying, editing or inputting the required data. 

What will it cost? If we are able to work on an Excel/CSV file (which you will then upload back into you CRM if needs be), our costs will be per piece of information that requires updating. For example:

  • Full name £1
  • Name of employer £1
  • Industry that employer works in £1
  • Job role £1
  • Email address £2.5
  • Main phone number £1
  • DD £5
  • Mobile £5
  • Company net-worth £1
  • # of employees £1
  • Turnover (if applicable) £1

Provided with a confirmation that the data is no older than 6mths from the point of submitting it back to you. We can consider requests to update other data and the costs will be dependent on the complexity required in obtaining the data.

Account Management

Who needs this? Businesses who don’t have the internal resource to spend time nurturing relationships with existing clients

How can Dremur help? By acting on behalf of you and your business to ensure your existing clients’ requirements are met and all opportunities to provide services are maximised 

What will it cost? You pay us a day rate of £250 (exc VAT) for us to be available to manage your clients’ enquiries between 9-5 (exc 1hr for lunch between 12-2) with a contractual SLA of max 1hr to initially respond acknowledging the enquiry (if we cannot complete it fully) and setting with your client an expectation for when they can expect their enquiry to be closed/completed. We will also, based on mutually agreed targets, earn commission from achieving and exceeding sales targets – commission plan TBD with you dependent on previous sales results and realistic but challenging objectives.


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